Top Historical Cities To Visit In The World

It’s until we connect with the history that we really appreciate where we are currently. History has a way of reminding us of where we’ve come from. It helps us appreciate what we enjoy currently, protect what we have, and use it to build a better future. 

This is especially when you experience or enjoy facilities that have been around for a very long time. 

Other times all we need to see is a mark or something that reminds us of an event or something that happened in the past. 

Luckily, today we have beautiful cities that portray history from all perspectives of lives. When we visit some of these cities, we get a rare opportunity to enjoy what our fore furthers built. We even get to feel the same experience as they did. 

It’s like traveling back in time and live a moment that passed many years ago. 

So, if you’re a historical fan and traveler, stay with us. In this article, we’ll share with you top historical cities that you should pay a visit to connect with history. 

Let’s get started. 

Cusco, Peru 

Here is an ancient city whose history runs back to a very long time ago. Cusco is located in the mountains of Andes. The city is believed to have been built in the Puma image—a sacred anima to the Incas. 

According to history, Cusco was a well planned ancient city with advanced administration and economy. City officials led it, and members of the households were expected to pay taxes to build the infrastructure, provide security, and provide food to people in times of need. 

Cusco was known for Calendar systems, astronomy, and mathematics. Most of the ancient ruins are located just outside the Cusco city, which anyone can see when they visit. 

Alexandria, Egypt 

Alexandria is one of the oldest cities in the world, with its history going back to 331 BC. It was originally a port city in Nile Delta before Alexander the Great founded it. 

The city became a center for ancient knowledge. It was home for a huge number of library scrolls. It stood as a culture of intellectual achievement. Eratosthenes—the man who discovered the world is round—lived in this city. 

Today when you walk through the ruins, you can see where East met West. 

Athens, Greece 

When you speak of history, you can’t leave Greece—specifically the city of Athens. This is because Athens has played a huge role in changing the history of the western world. 

The city of Athens is believed to have been habited for over 7000 years. It played a huge role in shaping drama, scient, literature, and philosophy. 

Today, Athens is known for its vibrant culture, entertainment, arts, media, finance, and commerce. 

Parting Shot 

From 7000 BC to the World War era, the world is filled with cities rich in history. All you need to do is pick the kind of history that interests you, and you’ll find a city for your next destination. But no matter what you choose, Cusco, Alexandria, and Athens should be in your bucket list.  Researching history is like being a private investigator from the past.

One of my friends is a private investigator at Stonehaven Private Investigations and he always talks about the clues he searches for to solve cases is very similar to how historians and archeologists study to find out about the past.

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